Learning Through Play for 70 Years


Mission Statement: To educate children through the philosophy of learning through play

At Annandale Cooperative Preschool, “learning through play” isn’t just something we say; it’s something we do, and we do it every day. We believe a child’s mind is much more receptive to learning when they are a part of the process and when that process is fun. It is why we have a variety of free-choice and teacher-led options built into our curriculum. Through play, we can assess the individual emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs of each student in an environment that is as stimulating as it is natural.

As a cooperative Annandale preschool, our qualified teachers work together with parents to provide a safe, nurturing, educational experience that embraces diversity and prepares children for elementary school in Fairfax County and beyond.

Annandale Co-op offers the following classes from 9am to 12:15 pm on the following days per age.

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2-day 2-year old class X X
3-day 2-year-old class X X X
3-day 3-year-old classes MWF TThF MWF TThF MWF & TThF
4-Day Pre-K X X X X
5-Day Pre-K X X X X X