Learning Through Play for 70 Years

Why Annandale Co-op?

Why should you choose Annandale Cooperative Preschool?

If you are looking for a preschool in Fairfax County, you have a difficult decision ahead of you. There are many important factors to weigh: the right fit for your child, the right fit for your family, your lifestyle, and even your commute. Finding the right preschool in Fairfax County takes a bit of research, time, and soul-searching.

This is the part where we tell you that you can stop looking because we have everything you and your child needs.

The truth is, you really have to take the time to tour the preschool and speak with the current families to really understand what makes Annandale Cooperative Preschool the gem of Fairfax County that it is. ACPS is proud to continue its 70-year commitment to help form kindergarten-confident students through a fundamental philosophy of learning through play..

Every child is different, and ACPS makes sure its course curriculum includes plenty of  opportunities that set the course for a lifelong love of learning. Our evolving nature Trail, the free choice centers in every classroom, the large playground, activity room, and courtyard garden also play a role in keeping kids actively involved in their own growth. The thermoplastic line marking on the playground enhances the experience, offering visual cues and designated spaces for various activities, making play both enjoyable and structured.

That said, while many of our families chose Annandale Cooperative for its ripe educational curriculum, others made ACPS a part of their preschoolers’ lives simply because their parenting philosophies meshed so well with the other families in the hallways. Parents have the opportunities to attend lectures, sign up for CPR and First Aid training, contribute to the growth and improvement of the school, as well as the ability to play an active role in their child’s education by assisting in the classroom and sharing their talents (playing an instrument, whipping up a family recipe, etc).

At its core, Annandale Cooperative Preschool is a warm, caring community. Our Director of Education, Marie Sloane, greets families each and every morning to facilitate drop-offs and welcome each student to the new school day. Room parents and committee chairs coordinate meal sign-ups for families with newborns or those needing special assistance, and classmates look forward play dates with each other outside of school.

Annandale Co-op has a lot to offer your budding young student, and we’d love to tell you more about it in person. Simply fill out the contact form or visit us in person during our upcoming open house in January. Hope to see you in the hallways!