Learning Through Play for 70 Years

Teachers and Staff

Melissa Kuhn

Mrs. Melissa Kuhn
MTW 2’s:Bees
ThF 2’s: Fireflies

Sarah Girard

Mrs. Sarah Girard
M,W,F 3’s: Ladybugs

Mrs. Vicki Mansuy

Mrs. Vicki Mansuy
T,Th,F 3’s: Grasshoppers

Mrs. C

Mrs. Sue Ann Craig
M-Th 4’s: Spiders

Mrs. Q

Mrs. Amy Quigley
M-F 4’s: Dragonflies

Mrs. S

Mrs. Marie Sloane
Director of Education

Adminstrative Assistant Keow Essig

Mrs. Keow Essig
Adminstrative Assistant

Mrs. C

Mrs. Paula Camilli

Mrs. Kathy Preisinger

Mrs. Kathy Preisinger
Mrs. Jessica Smith
Activity Room Teacher