Learning Through Play for 70 Years

Our Class Core

Free choice is the core of the curriculum at Annandale Preschool. Each child is presented with multiple opportunities for activities and projects and is encouraged to exercise independence in deciding which task to pursue within the limits of the classroom setting. These varied choices emphasize our belief that by learning to interact with others, explore new situations, and play independently, children will develop the essential skills, self-confidence and self-esteem that help make learning a joy. Our curriculum is under the supervision of our teachers and our director, who are ultimately responsible to the parents on the board of directors.

While each teacher chooses individual units of study and sets up a specific classroom to meet the needs of the children, we do have developmental goals at each age level that are met in each classroom. As you read over our curriculum of developmental goals you will see that from age to age the curriculum builds on itself, allowing for the natural progression of skills at each age and stage. We are focused on providing the best environment for promoting the growth and development of each child in order to be sure that he or she is prepared for kindergarten after leaving our school. You will find that our curriculum is relevant to the lives of the children, helps them better understand themselves and their lives, is authentic and can be applied to their daily lives.