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Board of Directors

The ACPS Board of Directors is comprised of the President, the Director of Education, the Secretary, the Treasurer and 9 other Committee Chairs. Feel free to reach out to the Board with any questions or concerns you may have. Pictures of Board Members are listed below the contact information.

Board Contact Info

Board Position E-mail (Click to Send) Position Members
Director of Education director@annandalecoop.org Marie Sloane
President president@annandalecoop.org Rachael
Vice President president@annandalecoop.org Erin Young
Secretary secretary@annandalecoop.org Tara Soligan
Treasurer treasurer@annandalecoop.org Jon Morin & Alina Horvath
Student Programs studentprograms@annandalecoop.org Rebecca McAuley & Justine McKay
Membership membership@annandalecoop.org Amanda Braksa & Katie Horenberg
Materials & Grounds materialsandgrounds@annandalecoop.org Tom Bowman & Christina Cisernos
Health Safety and Transportation healthandsafety@annandalecoop.org Ashton Streavig & Chuck Huynh
Hospitality hospitality@annandalecoop.org Bethany Adamec & Veronica Valesquesz
Fundraising fundraising@annandalecoop.org Hannah Dubman
Communications communications@annandalecoop.org Brian Jessee & Ivana Villanueva
Parent Programs parentprograms@annandalecoop.org Marcie Foster & Lauren Girard
Personnel personnel@annandalecoop.org Kate McEnerney & Erica Albrittain