Learning Through Play for 70 Years

Board of Directors

The ACPS Board of Directors is comprised of the Co-Presidents, the Director of Education, the Secretary, the Treasurers and 9 other Committees. Feel free to reach out to the Board with any questions or concerns you may have.

Board Contact Info

Board Position E-mail Position Members
Director of Education [email protected] Marie Sloane
Co-Presidents [email protected] Richard Pripeton and Jen Long
Secretary [email protected] Janice Kelliher
Treasurers [email protected] Jen Blackford and Amy Latta
Student Programs [email protected] Jackie Kilkeary and Lisa Hungness
Membership [email protected] Ally Powell-Switaj and Tara Soligan
Materials & Grounds [email protected] Stefan Roth
Health Safety and Transportation [email protected] Michele Alexander and Sonia Ruiz Bolanos
Hospitality [email protected] Sylvia Morgan and Danielle Johnston
Fundraising [email protected] Nicole Craig and Lanine Baccam
Communications [email protected] Ashley Kelloff and Patrick Ballard
Parent Programs [email protected] Jon McMaster and Anna Woodham
Personnel [email protected] Kirsten Howard and Allison Williams