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Fun Spring Activities For You and Your Child

Another “FROM THE TEACHERS” segment on fun ways to enjoy the Spring!

After an arduous winter, Spring is finally here.  With Spring comes improving weather, so that we can go outside and stay outside!

There are tons of great activities you can do with your child or children to encourage an appreciation of the great outdoors and to help instill a love of the environment as we celebrate Earth Day this month.

Children learn best through experience, and the most rewarding fun comes from the space to play and experiment. Given a small shovel, a garden hose and a bucket a child can create a whole world of magical play and really connect with the earth. Can you remember how much fun it was making mud pies?IMG_4357

You can also help them connect in some deliberate ways; you can put a simple bird feeder outside of a window and allow your child to keep binoculars and a bird watching book near the window. You can even make a chart to check off birds that you see and listen for their songs.

You can plant a small garden box with your child. Lettuce is easy to grow and you can grow your own salad! You can learn about planting, watering and harvesting your own food. It would also be a good opportunity for children to see how important worms are to the earth as they turn the dirt for the garden.

The more children learn to love and appreciate all that we receive from the earth, the more likely they are to want to care for it and take care of it.

IMG_4324What about visiting our National Zoo on nice weather days?

There are a wealth of animals to see who are just stretching their legs after winter of no visitors.

The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

But, if you need some help, click here from advice from the National Zoo on Family Conservation Activities.