Learning Through Play for 70 Years

Get Moving!

Words of wisdom (and a fond farewell) from our beloved Activity Room Teacher, Samantha Galui

Howdy from Texas!

Annandale Cooperative Preschool, to say I miss you is an understatement. I miss seeing your smiling faces whether in the parking lot, the hallways, our classrooms, and especially the activity room. I know that, for some parents, the activity room was a loud, scary, place where kids could possibly get injured, but, for me, it was our learning lab. 

The activity room is an unconventional way of learning, through games and fun. We used our listening skills to know what direction to go and body awareness when we played our lane games. The activity room is a place where we try to use phrases like “notice where your body is” and ask “how close you are to your friends” and focus on where your feet are.  We refrain from the classic “No” and “Be Careful.” Putting your feet on the wall and your hands on the floor changes how you look at things, changes your mindset, and literally flips your perspective, all while working on your arm and core muscles, which are so important to help you sit up nice and tall for story time. 

The halls of ACPS had the most authentic conversations, loudest laughter, genuine tears, real struggles, and we sure knew how to celebrate! I know those conversations will continue, maybe in the parking lot or virtually, but they will go on. 

ACPS was the most loving environment I have been a part of and I thank you for allowing me to be a special part of your child’s life and education. 

Gratitude & Giggles,  Samantha Galui