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Manners at the Table

Tea Party for Ava - Drink Up by CharlieI feel like meal time manners have their ups and downs at my dinner table. Oftentimes my preschooler is a gem while at the table – sitting up straight, using silverware, napkin in lap, etc. The other times, I feel as though a tiny Neanderthal has joined me. It is those times where absurd sentences spew from my mouth, such as “it is never ok to poke the dog with your fork” or “please stop finger painting on your brother with ketchup”.  I have found myself more often than not referring back to the Managing Meal Time post. There are fun little rhymes to help preschools remember their manners while eating. Below are a few excerpts, read the entire post to make your next family meal an enjoyable one.

Sit up straight, Sit up tall, No one wants to see you fall!

Just as the ships go out to sea, I push my spoon away from me. (When drinking soup using a soup spoon)

Lazy Mable, please get your elbows off the table.

Remember salt and pepper always travel together.

Guest post written by Joslyn Osten, ACPS parent of an amazing preschooler who is still learning table manners.