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Words of wisdom (and a fond farewell) from our beloved Activity Room Teacher, Samantha Galui

Howdy from Texas!

Annandale Cooperative Preschool, to say I miss you is an understatement. I miss seeing your smiling faces whether in the parking lot, the hallways, our classrooms, and especially the activity room. I know that, for some parents, the activity room was a loud, scary, place where kids could possibly get injured, but, for me, it was our learning lab.

The activity room is an unconventional way of learning, through games and fun. We used our listening skills to know what direction to go and body awareness when we played our lane games. The activity room is a place where we try to use phrases like “notice where your body is” and ask “how close you are to your friends” and focus on where your feet are. We refrain from the classic “No” and “Be Careful.” Putting your feet on the wall and your hands on the floor changes how you look at things, changes your mindset, and literally flips your perspective, all while working on your arm and core muscles, which are so important to help you sit up nice and tall for story time.

The halls of ACPS had the most authentic conversations, loudest laughter, genuine tears, real struggles, and we sure knew how to celebrate! I know those conversations will continue, maybe in the parking lot or virtually, but they will go on.

ACPS was the most loving environment I have been a part of and I thank you for allowing me to be a special part of your child’s life and education.

Gratitude & Giggles, Samantha Galui

Don’t Let the Pandemic Drive the Bus!

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A conversation with Rachel Bailey By Jen Greanias, ACPS Social Media Coordinator July 2020 Wow, what a year! You can’t log on, tune in, or step inside a store without the reminder of the all-encompassing threat of COVID-19. So we thought it our Disney ballad-belting, La Croix-guzzling, Mo Willems-obsessed, Baby Shark-humming, minivan-driving duty to relaunch our ACPS blog by interviewing our favorite breath, nay GUST, of fresh air, the ever-enlightening Rachel Bailey. Rachel is a mom and Parenting Specialist who specializes in offering...

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Favorite Stories for Preschoolers

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If you’ve ever been asked to read a novelization from a second-rate kids movie at bedtime, you might be forgiven for thinking that 2018 is well past the zenith of the golden age of children’s literature. While we are certainly in a glut of middling children’s media, there are some gems out there deserving of a place on your family bookshelf. Here are a few recommendations to help you break free from the book-movie-merchandise feedback loop. The Love Monster Series This kitsch series by Rachel Bright follows the only (and...

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Think: Novelty

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Keeping kids entertained on cold or rainy days Oh, those long, cold days of winter! It can be so hard to think of ways to keep our children entertained while they’re cooped up inside, especially when many of us just want to curl up with some hot chocolate, a book, a blanket, and no interruptions… Beyond inviting them to join us on the couch with hot chocolate and a movie (always a good plan!), here are some ideas of things to engage their wonderfully active minds and bodies.  Keep in mind that you can (and should!) change any of this up...

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Winter Activities and Outing Ideas

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Two words can strike fear into parents everywhere. Permanent marker? Nope. Finger paint? No, again. Winter break. Seventeen consecutive days with no school, no routine, and, often, very cold weather. What is a parent to do? Since running away from home or locking oneself in a closet with a pack of Oreos doesn’t work (not that I’ve tried, of course), I’ve found that doing a little pre-planning, while requiring up-front work, can alleviate the stress and pressure of creating an activity or outing each day to keep kiddos occupied and engaged and...

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Kindergarten Readiness

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Sending your child off to Kindergarten can be a daunting task, especially after having been a strong presence in his or her academic career here at Annandale Cooperative Preschool! Many parents want to know how to prepare their child for Kindergarten but what they often do not realize is that being prepared is more than academics; it additionally means being ready physically, socially, and emotionally! However, let’s tackle academics first. While academics are obviously a large part of the kindergarten experience, I want to begin by...

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The Importance of Being Outside

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The Importance of Being Outside

Children are better able to make sense of their world when they spend lots of time outside. They can see how things grow and change over time. They are more fully able to experience the world in which they live in. This can be so powerful. They are able to stretch their imaginations as they create worlds and scenarios that are larger than themselves.

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Food Allergy Fundamentals

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In this “FROM THE TEACHERS” post, we discuss the fundamentals of food allergy and how to address this in a group setting like the co-op. Even if your child is not one of the estimated 15 million Americans affected by food allergies, she will undoubtedly share a classroom at some point with children who are. The prevalence of food allergy has risen dramatically in the past decades. Today, nearly 8% of children in the U.S. under the age of 18 have a food allergy. That’s about two kids per classroom across the country. Because of the...

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5 Reasons to Attend Annandale Cooperative Preschool

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Just a few short months ago, we were making a big fuss over starting a new preschool, and now the school year has already come to an end! That old saying time flies when you’re having fun is so true. Not only did my child have fun, he learned and grew more than I could have ever hoped for this last year. Since he is new to Annandale Cooperative Preschool (ACPS) and I thought his last preschool was good, I would like to highlight the top five things that set ACPS apart from the other preschools in the area. Faculty and staff – My child...

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Get outside and play

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Spring has sprung in Northern Virginia. The kids have been tiring themselves out while enjoying the nice weather. It is never more apparent when a spring cold snap arrives for parents to remember how important going outside to play really is. In between raindrops and frost this week, we’ve been riding bikes, swinging and playing in the school sandbox. One opportunity to get outside to play is the upcoming Fun Run. This annual run by Annandale Cooperative Preschool will be held on Saturday, April 30. Register...

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Manners at the Table

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I feel like meal time manners have their ups and downs at my dinner table. Oftentimes my preschooler is a gem while at the table – sitting up straight, using silverware, napkin in lap, etc. The other times, I feel as though a tiny Neanderthal has joined me. It is those times where absurd sentences spew from my mouth, such as “it is never ok to poke the dog with your fork” or “please stop finger painting on your brother with ketchup”.  I have found myself more often than not referring back to the Managing Meal Time post. There are fun little...

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